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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the more we get together as a community, the easier it is for us to heal ourselves. >> the road to recovery, tomorrow marks the second anniversary of that explosion and fire that would forever change the city of san bruno. almost two years ago, the lives of thousands of people in san bruno were changed forever. the pg&e pipeline explosion killed eight people and destroyed hundreds of homes. tomorrow that city will hold a remembrance honoring those who died. arturo santiago is in san bruno tonight and has the story. >> reporter: two years ago, the neighborhood continues to rebuild as the neighbors themselves continue to heal. the anniversary ceremony is tomorrow evening at san bruno city park.
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now, eight people died, dozens more were hurt, 38 homes were destroyed two years ago. the tragedy led to three bills in the state legislature to improve oversight of pipelines. those bills now on the governor's death. but pg&e still has not been fined by the california public utilities commission for a long list of failures cited by federal regulators that led to the explosion. eight homes have been rebuilt. 13 more are in the planning process and even more are waiting on pending litigation. but the trauma of the explosion is still being felt today. >> we're really trying to build physically the neighborhood back. but the psychological part of rebuilding is very, very difficult and has been difficult and will continue to be difficult. the more we get together as a community, the easier it is for us to heal ourselves. and it's important to never, ever forget what happened, why it happened, the fact that it could have been prevented.
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>> reporter: pg&e have settled a number of lawsuits. there are more civil cases scheduled for trial at the beginning of next year. when it's all said and done, the explosion could end up costing pg&e an estimated $1 billion. again, the two-year anniversary is tomorrow. it will be at san bruno city park from 5:00 to 7:00 in the evening. a remembrance plaque will also be unveiled. i'm arturo santiago. nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. police in the east bay city of pittsburg are investigating a shooting at a park last night that killed an 18-year-old man. the teenager was at buchanan park with at least four other people including younger siblings, according to police. they were there to film a rap video. investigators say around 6:15, another group approached and an argument between the two parties escalated to the shooting. >> it is very seldom to you find a young dude that's trying to do right. he wasn't in the streets.
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he rapped it, he didn't live it. he wasn't out here. and somebody's going to gun him down like trash, like garbage in the streets in that's wrong. dead wrong. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance video from nearby cameras. but they are also asking anyone with information about the gunman to come forward. the shooting happened well before sundown and several other people were in the park at the time. we're also told the 18-year-old victim had a 1-year-old child. two homicide detectives in indianapolis have been assigned to investigate the death of two men from san jose whose bodies were found buried in shallow graves there. police there used dental records to identify the bodies of juan valu valencia and raul villalobos. police say both men suffered head injuries. investigators say a large amount of cash was found near the bodies. the bay area father who's
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accused of kidnapping his two young children and sweeping them onto his stolen yacht is in jail tonight. christopher maffei is being held on $200,000 bail. investigators say he forcibly took his two children from their maternal grandmother's home in south san francisco on tuesday and then he set sail from a harbor in alameda. on friday, the coast guard and fbi began tracking the 40-foot sailboat. last night, the children were rescued just south of monterey bay, examined by paramedics and reunited with their mother. to the race for the white house now, republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan was in the bay area this morning as part of his west coast fund-raising tour which included a private breakfast and an online pep rally. can t kimberly tere has more on his visit. >> reporter: he drew a crowd in
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danville where he made his first stop at the home of brent jones and his wife. vice presidential candidate paul ryan appeared just before 9:00 this morning. >> everyone was cheering and stuff. i was waving. he waved back to me, a quick wave. >> i think it's really cool how someone with national fame is just right down the street in a house. pretty cool. >> reporter: guests who paid at least $1,000 to attend say ryan was inspiring. >> he spoke to the group and then went around and shook hands. got my picture with him. spoke with him a brief few seconds. very personable. >> the things he talked about were basically the choices we face, the challenges of the debt that we're facing and also whether or not we're going to let entitlements get out of control for me.
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>> reporter: ryan headed to a stronghold for president obama later, google headquarters in mountain view. the company's employees have donated hundreds of thousands to the president's campaign. ryan was there to participate in a google plus hangout with campaign offices in nevada, wisconsin, virginia and florida. these swing states are a major focus for both campaigns. today the president was in florida for a rally where he promised to protect the middle class while slashing the deficit by trillions of dollars. meantime, republican presidential nominee mitt romney campaigned in virginia, talking to the crowd about high unemployment numbers and what he calls president obama's unkept promises. from the bay area, paul ryan headed to fresno for a dirn fund-raising and off to a remote part of oregon where he will begin preparing for his debate with vice president joe biden, a little more than a month away. 19 museum workers were
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arrested after barricading themselves inside the deyoung museum in golden gate park last night. they had been in a labor dispute with management for over a year. the protest happened during the popular friday nights at the deyoung museum event at about 7:00 last night. police say the workers were cited for trespassing. more than 100 workers at the museum have not been able to come to an agreement on a new contract. there was no comment from management. in the wake of the deadly hanta virus in yosemite, there's word of another case in texas. a woman was infected at a house that was on a tv show about hoarding. in yosemite, officials now fear infected rodents may be in other parts of the park after a third tourist died. the west virginia man visited yosemite in july but he did not stay at curryillage where the other infections happened.
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the walls of those tent cabins there are infested with mice. the virus is contracted from breathing in dried rodent waste. it cannot be spread person to person. coming up next, caught off guard, tornadoes touch down in some unlikely places today. you might be surprised to find out where this video was shot. also -- >> i'm scott budman. with the pressure on, zynga launches farmville part 2. an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the game was made. and safety first. an olympic gold medalist teaches hundreds of children in the south bay a very important lesson.
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more than 300 children and their parents in san jose received free swim lessons today from a gold medal olympian with a passion for water safety. colin jones won three medals in london. but where he grew up, he said swim lessons were few and far between and didn't learn to swim until he had a very close call. >> i grew up in the inner city in new jersey, so i knew this was an alarming rate. i didn't think it was that bad until i started thinking about my own family and friends that didn't know how to swim. i myself almost drowned at 5. ironically 20 years later became an olympic gold medalist.
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>> the usa swimming foundation's make a splash program says 70% of african-american children and 60% of hispanic children don't know how to swim. they want parents to start thinking of swimming as a necessary life skill rather than recreation. fans can see olympic gymnast phenom gabby douglas perform at hp pavilion tonight. she'll be joined by her team members and the men's team as well, all part of the kellogg's tour of gymnastics champions. although the tour is a time for relaxation and fun, the gymnasts expect to show off their serious skills. social gaming is big, but for bay area-based zynga, social gaming has stumbled a bit. the company that was once the talk of the town is in need of a new success story. 1/10 they launched farmville 2.0.
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nbc bay area's scott budman has an exclusive inside look. >> reporter: it's a new farm powered by the latest technology with big goals. >> we want this to feel like it's the best five or ten minutes of a player's day. >> reporter: and an entire company counting on it to be successful. farmville 2.0, sequel to the game that helped launched online social gaming and zynga along with it, now having staggered to a stock price less than a third of what it was when it went public, zynga needs a hit more than ever. >> any game that you make, there's a lot of pressure. but for this one, it was really just about trying to imagine, can we reignite people's passion for farming? >> reporter: and say this about the company, it's still passionate about games, giving us a backstage look at how they crafted every turkey and cow in the new farmville, letting you play in 3-d, where now even the
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crops wave in the breeze. >> we put everything we could into this. we're anxiously awaiting to see the response we get. >> reporter: although no longer a start-up, zynga still brings dogs to work. in fact, this one named stuckey was the inspiration for this goat in the new farmville. >> so the animation team actually studiied stuckey and hs used his movements as an inspiration in the game. >> reporter: zynga insists it's still having fun and wants you to keep playing, too. in fact, it's betting the farm that you will. scott budman, nbc bay area news. just ahead, violent tornadoes hit in some unlikely places. here's a hint, this video was not shot in kansas or iowa. and thank goodness closer to home, much more calm picture around the bay area. right now, we have sunshine.
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but some cool temperatures. pretty strong sea breeze out there as we await the low clouds to come back. but also a chance of some thundershowers firing up in the mountains not too far away. we'll have a look at your sunday forecast coming up. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters, a great clean doesn't have to take longer.
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this may look like storm chasing in the great plains. but this video is actually from new york. how weird is that? it was shot on the belt parkway in brooklyn as a tornado blew past. trees and power lines were knocked down and there was minor structural damage reported in brooklyn and queens. tornadoes have also been reported in the washington, d.c. area this weekend.
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so we want to go straight to meteorologist rob mayeda to look at what's going on there and a very different theme going on here. >> yeah. very wild weather across the northeast. you might wonder what takes a severe thunderstorm and suddenly makes it a tornado-producing thunderstorm. well it's all about the winds. the jet stream coming in at a different angle than the winds out of the southwest. and when you get that wind or directional wind shear higher up in the atmosphere, it gets your severe thunderstorms to begin to rotate. and when they do that, they produce a super cell and that's when you get your tornado-producing storms. you can see that line of severe weather pushing into boston and cape cod right now. straightline winds at 60 miles per hour in a few spots. but you can see the boundary starting to push offshore which is good news. newark, laguardia, jfk airports, reporting now delays of a half hour to an hour and decreasing, which is good news. that cold front's moving.
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so hopefully won't see air travel delays from our local airports tomorrow. today around the bay area, nothing severe about our weather. just cool outside. we had the sea breeze through the day today. inland saw highs in the low 80s. very cool for this time of year. only 80 in livermore. san jose, 71 degrees. 68 in oakland. 62 in san francisco and right now it's practically jacket weather in the trivalley. that's what you have with the winds coming in off the bay, 25-mile-per-hour winds in fairfield setting us up for a cool finish to the week, too. might have noticed the low clouds. we think they'll re-form on the coast tonight. and the big thunderstorms along the spine of this today, the moisture should stay off to the south and east. this area of low pressure offshore should keep the bay area under mainly a southwest air flow aloft limiting the
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monsoon moisture to southern california and the sierra. but it's going to keep the sea breeze going tomorrow. lots of 60s and 70s around the bay area, well inland out to the tri-valley and down around morgan hill. hour-by-hour forecast tomorrow, just like today, clearing at times on the coast. starting off with morning clouds and maybe misty guys around the peninsula and the coast for tomorrow morning. 50s will get your day started. through the afternoon, we'll see a cool finish to the weekend, much like we saw today. mid-70s around san jose. 70s and a few low 80s inland. back to the bay, kind of chill, 60s around san francisco and berkeley. 70s around the north bay. but the coolest day will be tomorrow. heading towards the middle part of the week, weather a little more typical for this time of the year. 60s on the coast. 80s and 90s inland, coming back on wednesday. >> i just love that forecast. >> it is very nice. >> it is lovely. thank you, rob.
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you could smell the chocolate for blocks. we'll show you what made the 17th annual chocolate festival one of the best ever. can you say maybe it was chocolate? i don't know. we'll be right back. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking.
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honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] ghirardelli square is always considered a delicious destination. but today it was a chocoholic's dream. the 17th annual chocolate festival to benefit project open hands drew the biggest crowd today than ever. the streets were flowing with chocolate. >> you could smell the chocolate blocks away. it's fabulous. >> chocolaty and delicious. >> if you missed today, it's on all day tomorrow. a $20 tick gets you 30 tastes. it benefits open hands that gets
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meals to san francisco's elderly and sick. right now, we're going to bring in henry for a look at what's going on in the sports world. >> fans and players have been keeping their fingers crossed for brandon mccarthy just days after surgery. he shows more signs of progress. but what's his biggest concern this weekend? might make you smile. and there won't be a sweep this weekend in san francisco. why? because l.a. came to play. oh, yeah. that race in the n.l. west is far from being over. sports is next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. baseball players can feel the heat. the giants's 5 1/2-game lead over the dodgers is their largest of the season. and this weekend could be their chance to deliver the knockout blow. however, l.a. came to fight today. game two of a three-game series at at&t. bottom of the first, two on, one out, buster posey, line drive to third off the glove of luis cruz. marco scutaro taps home plate for the first run of the game. bottom of the seventh, brandon belt grounds out to the pitcher but posey is safe at the plate. giants lead 2-1. top of the eighth, matt cain, look out. wild pitch. alex castellanos scores. we're tied at 2.
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then the top of the ninth, the dodgers were counting on hanley ramirez. he delivers with a double to right center. adrian gonzalez will tap home plate. dodgers take the lead 3-2. th's your final. and our jaymee sire has more. >> reporter: it was exactly the type of ball game you'd expect from two teams battling for the division, a hard-fought, one-run contest that all came down to a couple of pitches. >> mostly the wild pitch is really frustrating right now. trying to go to the outer third, trying to get him to chase or something. i cut it. really aggravating right now. >> i made my best effort out there. i don't feel like i was -- i think i made the pitches that i needed to make, especially to adrian. and he beat me. ramirez, i missed on the fastball in. so it kind of got me there.
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buster threw guys out the way he needed to to keep the game close. >> reporter: matt cain was just the second giants starter in 14 games to complete seven innings. barry zito will look to follow suit on sunday as he faces off against clayton ker shah. jaymee sire for nbc bay area news. over to the gridiron. first play of the fourth, 19-yard touchdown. allen, five receptions, 69 yards. cal up 10. however, they would extend their lead to 20 in the fourth, then cal gets the ball to allen off the punt. he muffs it. ball bounces and right back to allen. there's no way in the world this guy is going to get to the end zone, right? oh, pay dirt, here he comes.
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69-yard return for a touchdown. cal dropped 30 in the fourth quarter. golden bears win 50-31. more good news on a's pitcher brandon mccarthy. he's close to being moved out of the intensive care unit and is already back in the world of social media. this is a great sign. in fact, he's in great spirits. mccarthy who's the most popular athlete on twitter sent out the following tweet this is morning, quote, crazy about this children's tylenol. can't believe they give it to kids. the good news in all of this is that i set up my fantasy football lineups beforehand so there shall be no excuses at this point. after everything that man has been through, we wish him the best and just great to see he still has a great sense of humor. >> i totally agree. thanks a lot, henry. nasa's rover named curiosity has been on mars taking pictures for more than a month. now it sent back a photoof itself. the snapshot was taken with one of its 17 cameras. that big eye on the robot's face
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is called the kim cam instrument which shoots out laser beams to vaporize rock. curiosity's $2.5 billion mission is to spend the next few years studying the red planet to try to learn whether the planet could support life now or in the past. thanks for choosing nbc bay area at 6:00. "tech now!" is coming up. we'll be back here at 11:00. until then, good night. coming up next on "tech now!" the kick-starter rock star. how amanda palmer raised $1 million to make an album. we take a ride with ubertab as it makes its customers very happy and very cool. getting your news in a new way with a boost from your favorite mobile device.
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